February 07 - 25, 2019
20 Days
Tour Status - ON REQUEST

This EXCLUSIVE "Small Group" departure escorted by Garth Layden of Select Holidays offers so much diverse wildlife, the heart-stopping landscape of Antarctica is made up of frigid waters and huge rivers of ice.  A team of passionate and expert professionals will accompany you throughout this unforgettable adventure.  Zodiac® cruises take you to see icebergs, glaciers and wildlife; with walks and hikes ashore to see huge penguin colonies and seals.

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Tour Highlights

  • EXCLUSIVE "Small Group" departure
  • Included Economy Class Airfare from Calgary/Edmonton/Vancouver/Winnipeg/Toronto
  • Included 8-day pre-cruise land tour (2 nights Santiago, 4 nights Punta Arenas/Torres del Paine National Park)
  • Included transfers (between airport/hotel and ship)
  • Included accommodations/meals/attractions as outlined
  • Included Verandah Suite aboard "Silver Cloud"
  • Highly qualified expedition team aboard cruise with experts in their field (marine biologists, ornithologists, historians and more)
  • Excursions and activities, including explorations by Zodiac®
  • Complimentary expedition gear: backpack and water bottle on every voyage, parka for polar expeditions
  • Personalised service with a butler for all suites and the highest crew to guest ratio in the industry
  • Fine dining even in the most remote places of the planet
  • Comfortable amenities with the largest expedition suites at sea
  • Inclusive room-service, select wines, spirits and soft drinks throughout the ship
  • Free WIFI* throughout the ship
  • Onboard Gratuities
  • $250 US per Suite Shipboard Credit
  • Exclusive partnership with The Royal Geographical Society

**Ask about adding a pre tour visit to Brazil/Argentina/Chile.  Click here for details.

Day 01:  Feb. 07, 2019:  Depart North America   [IFM]
Depart North America to fly to Santiago, Chile.

Day 02:  Feb. 08, 2019:  Arrive Santiago, Chile   [IFM/D]
Santiago, Chile’s capital and largest city, sits in a valley surrounded by the snow-capped Andes and the Chilean Coast Range. Check-in and relax at the hotel before heading to a delicious welcome dinner at a local restaurant with your fellow travel mates.

Day 03:  Feb. 09, 2019:  Santiago, Chile   [B/L]
For years wine experts have said that, “tasting wine is best done before your palette is tired.” With that in mind, you will depart for the winery at 10 am, allowing for a nice leisurely morning.  The Kingston Family Vineyard is located in the Casablanca valley, 1.5 hours away from Santiago. Once you arrive there you will take a stroll around the vineyard, visiting its hills and little lagoons, and enjoy some wonderful panoramic views of the Casablanca valley. After the stroll, you will have a refreshing white wine tasting and a delicious lunch, with a wine pairing for each course.  After lunch, you will head back to the hotel.

Day 04:   Feb. 10, 2019:  Punta Arenas, Chile    [B/D]
Today you fly down to the bottom of Chile to the city of Punta Arenas, and capital of the Magallanes and Antarctica Region. Once you land, you will go straight to the hotel, your accommodation for the next 4 nights.   After check-in and a rest, you will explore the City.  On a quick city tour, you will see the main highlights of Punta Arenas, such as, the main square, the Municipal Cemetery, and the shore along the Straits of Magellan. At the end of the tour you will visit the nicest panoramic point of the city at La Cruz hill.  After the city tour you will go to a very nice, local, historic restaurant for a group dinner, celebrating the beginning of your adventure in Patagonia.

Day 05:  Feb. 11, 2019:  Torres del Paine National Park, Chile   [B/L]
You start your day with a visit to a local sheep farm where you will have a delicious Patagonian lamb BBQ, a sheep dog demonstration, and a sheep shearing demonstration.  After these amazing adventures, you will head to “Las Torres Del Paine” National Park.  On the way to the Park, you stop at the historic and natural “Mylodon Cave Monument”. The mylodon is a large extinct sloth that used to be part of the prehistoric fauna in the Patagonia Region. You will spend about one hour here, exploring the cave before heading straight to the Hotel in the Park.  Keep your eyes open for wildlife, especially when you are approaching the park.

Day 06:  Feb. 12, 2019:  Torres del Paine National Park, Chile    [B/L]
You will take a boat trip to the Grey glacier.  Enjoy the wind and the beautiful landscape as you travel across the Grey Lake to the Grey Glacier.  After witnessing the brilliant blues of the ice sheet and a “whisky” drink on the boat, you head back to the dock to meet your transportation.  In the afternoon, you can just relax at the hotel and enjoy the view or you can go for a hike on one of the trails close to the hotel.

Day 07:  Feb. 13, 2019:  Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile    [B/D]
This is the best way to explore all the wonders of the park and experience why this is considered one of the best National Park of the country.  You will see most of the lakes and their magnificent color range, from milky greys to turquoise waters in the Pehoe.  You will see sharp peeks and amazing rock formations, including the horns, towers, and hanging glaciers.  You will take a few short hikes to visit some of the most beautiful waterfalls.  The rich and diverse wildlife is part of great part of the parks attractions.  Keep your eyes peeled because you will expect to see guanacos, condor, armadillo, hawks, flamingos, ñandues (ostrich), deer and if you are lucky, a puma.

Day 08:  Feb. 14, 2019:  El Calafate, Argentina   [B/L]
The trip from the Lago Grey hotel to El Calafate is about 4.5 hours plus the time at customs.   You will stop for lunch in an Estancia (farm) and then keep going so the trip is broken up a bit and you feel fresh entering Argentina.

Day 09:   Feb. 15, 2019:  Ushuaia, Argentina   [B/D]
Fly from El Calafate to Ushuaia to board Silversea Expedition's "Silver Cloud" and start your 11-day unforgettable Antarctica Cruise Expedition.


CLICK the video above for an exciting look at this exotic destination.

Day 10:  Feb. 16, 2019:  Drake Passage   [B/L/D]
The Drake Passage has a notorious reputation for its turbulent seas due to the westerly winds and the funneling effect of the passage.

Day 11:  Feb. 17, 2019:  Drake Passage   [B/L/D]
The Antarctic Convergence, a natural boundary where cold polar water flows northward and warmer equatorial water moves southward, is within the Drake Passage.

Day 12:  Feb. 18, 2019:  Antarctic Sound    [B/L/D]
The Antarctic Sound is a stretch of water named after the first ship to have passed through this body of water from the Bransfield Strait to the Weddell Sea in 1902. The Antarctic eventually sank and crew and scientists had to spend quite some time in this area before they could be rescued. Sites that have to do with this story - like Hope Bay or Paulet Island - are sometimes visited. At Paulet, Hope Bay and Brown Bluff Adelie and Gentoo Penguins breed, as do Kelp Gulls and Cape Petrels, Snow Petrels and Skuas. The Sound’s main attractions are the spectacular tabular icebergs that come from the Larsen Ice Shelf further south.

Day 13:  Feb. 19, 2019:  Antarctica Peninsula   [B/L/D]
Remote and otherworldly, Antarctica is irresistible for its spectacular iceberg sculptures and calving glaciers, and for the possibility of up-close encounters with marine mammals and the iconic penguins.

Day 14:  Feb. 20, 2019:  Antarctica Peninsula   [B/L/D]
The Antarctic Peninsula – the main peninsula closest to South America – has a human history of almost 200 years, with explorers, sealers, whalers, and scientists who have come to work, and eventually intrepid visitors coming to enjoy this pristine and remote wilderness.

Day 15:  Feb. 21, 2019:  Antarctica Peninsula   [B/L/D]
It is a region of protected bays, unscaled snow-capped mountains, vast glaciers and a few places where whalers or scientists have worked.

Day 16:  Feb. 22, 2019:  Antarctica South Shetland Islands   [B/L/D]
Some 770 kilometers (478 miles) south of Cape Horn, the South Shetland Islands are usually the first land seen in Antarctica. Separated from the Antarctic Peninsula by the Bransfield Strait, nine major islands make up the group. The region was the first to be exploited by sealers in the early 19th century, and because of its proximity to South America, it still is the most visited by scientists and tourists. Chinstrap, Adelie, Gentoo and Macaroni Penguins all breed here. In addition, because it is the warmest part of the continent, large moss beds as well as orange, black, grey and green lichens grow –even hair grass and pearlwort manage to survive.

Day 17:  Feb. 23, 2019:  Drake Passage   [B/L/D]
The Antarctic Convergence, a natural boundary where cold polar water flows northward and warmer equatorial water moves southward, is within the Drake Passage. When these two currents meet, nutrients are pushed to the surface, often attracting a multitude of seabirds and whales.

Day 18:  Feb. 24, 2019:  Drake Passage   [B/L/D]
Black-browed Albatross, Sooty Shearwaters and White-chinned Petrels glide in the air currents alongside and in the wake of the ship.

Day 19:  Feb.25, 2019:  Ushuaia   [B/IFM]
Arrive Ushuaia at 8:00am; disembark and transfer to Airport for a connecting flight to Santiago, Chile with a continuing overnight flight to North America.

Day 20:  Feb. 26, 2019   [IFM]
Arrive North America.

Per Person, Double occupancy - $25,880.00 CAD
Including Air/port & Gov't taxes in a verandah suite

Single Occupancy - Call for details
Initial deposit of $5,000.00 per person due at time of booking
Second Deposit of $5,000.00 per person due prior to June 30, 2018
Balance per person due prior to October 31, 2018