April 03 - 26, 2020
24 Days
Tour Status - Available

Combine the desert delights of Arabia with iconic sites such as Petra and a leisurely exploration of the Holy Land, with an overnight stay at Haifa for Tel Aviv.

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What's Included in This Cruise:

  • Six-Star “Seabourn Ovation” cruise ONLY 600 guests

  • Airfare from North America major cities

  • All ocean-front all-suite accommodations

  • All dining options are complimentary

  • On board tipping is neither required nor expected

  • All beverages from water to fine wines & liquors

  • Variety of entertainment

 Day 01: April 03, 2010:  
Depart North America on an overnight flight to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  [IFM]

Day 02: April 04, 2020: 
Arrive Dubai, UAE and transfer to hotel  for an overnight stay. The UAE is strategically located at the crossroads of East and West, and the traditional trading routes from Asia and the Far East to Europe. Here you can see the contrasts of the nomadic Bedouin people, and the opulence and splendor of the Sheiks, set against a backdrop of Western lifestyles. [IFM]

Day 03: April 05, 2020:  Dubai, UAE  
Following breakfast at hotel a city tour viewing the “Burj Al Arab” on the beach,  the “Burj Khalifa” the tallest building in     the world plus a visit to the “Gold Market”.  (This is Select Holidays Unique Experience!) This afternoon board the magnificent “Seabourn Ovation” to set sail on a 20 Day journey through Arabic countries, a transit of the Suez Canal onto the Mediterranean Sea. The “Seabourn Ovation”, launched in 2018, is of ultra-luxury design often found only on private yachts and is home to only 600 discerning guests.    [B/D]

Day 04: April 06, 2020:  Sir Bani Yas Island, UAE   ~  TENDERING 
Founded in 1971 this ambitious visionary project is located on a natural island that has been occupied for centuries. There are over 40 archaeological sites on the island. One of the oldest is a Nestorian Christian monastery dating from 600 AD. Today Sir Bani Yas is a huge ecological experiment that explores “greening the desert” by re-introducing native and endangered species of Arabian flora and fauna. Over half the island is dedicated to the Arabian Wildlife Park.  The island is a popular resort, where visitors indulge in active land and water sports and walk or drive to view the over 13,000 rare, free-roaming wild animals.  [B/L/D]

Day 05: April 07, 2020: Doha, Qatar ~  VISA MAY BE REQUIRED
Qatar’s capital and largest city displays broad sea-front with impressive, towering and strikingly modern architecture. 
Modest dress is required for visits this day. The teeming Souq Waqif is an incarnation of the central market area that has served the city for centuries.  [B/L/D]

Day 06: April 08, 2020:
A day at sea to aquaint yourself with the layout of the “Seabourn Ovation”.  [B/L/D]

Day 07: April 09, 2020:  Muscat, Oman
Oman is known as “The Pearl of Mystic   Arabia” and one of the oldest civilizations on the peninsula.  Wedged between the sea and the mountains, Muscat boasts an ancient   history and rich Islamic heritage evident in forts, castles, towers and mosques.  It has experienced rapid growth with a vibrant economy and multi-ethnic society.   [B/L/D]

Day 08: April 10, 2020: 
Day at sea. [B/L/D]

Day 09: April 11, 2020: Salalah, Oman 
Salalah, Oman’s ancient incense capital is an oasis with lush vegetation resulting from seasonal monsoons.  The city's roads wind through groves of coconuts, papaya and banana trees, and roadside stands that sell fresh fruits and coconut water.  The tropical atmosphere is a striking contrast to the otherwise arid landscape that surrounds it.  [B/L/D]

Day 10-14: April 12-16:  
There will be 5 days at sea for you to enjoy the amenities of the “Seabourn Ovation”. [B/L/D]

Day 15: April 17, 2020: Aqaba, (Petra), Jordan ~ VISA MAY BE REQUIRED
Aqaba is a sleepy fishing village with a long historical past.  At times the port was a stop-over on the ancient caravan routes, then a garrison for Roman troops plus a meeting place for pilgrims en route to Mecca.  Today Aqaba is important as Jordan’s deep water port and the jumping-off point for excursions to Petra, the country’s premier historical  attraction.  [B/L/D]

Day 16: April 18, 2020:  
Day at sea. [B/L/D]

Day 17: April 19, 2020: Entering the Suez Canal  
A canal that would link the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea is an old dream.  There is evidence of attempts to construct such a seaway dating back to the time of the Pharaohs.  When the 120-mile canal was opened in 1869, the seafaring map underwent its most impactful change in history.  The canal is at sea level so no locks are required.  The “Seabourn Ovation” will meet other ships of all sizes from every corner of the globe to form a single convoy as you transit the canal.  On an average, 97 ships transit the canal every day.  North and south bound traffic pass or drop anchor in the Great Bitter Lake.  The transit times can take between 11 and 16 hours.  After Transit, arrive Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea. [B/L/D]

Day 18: April 20, 2020:  Arrive Ashdod, (Jerusalem), Israel  
This morning you sail to Ashdod, the largest port in Israel and the gateway to Jerusalem.  This 5,000-year-old walled city is sacred to more than a third of the people on Earth. 
Upon arrival into Ashdod begin your…..


*We suggest you take a small overnight bag with you upon departing the ship for the 2-nights off the ship, with clothing and all medication you will need.

Depart the ship to meet our private guide and transportation to take you on a 3-day tour of this part of the Holy Land.
The ancient streets of Jerusalem’s Old City house some of the world’s most  sacred religious sites including the Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, and the Western (Wailing) Wall.  Check into a 4* hotel later in the afternoon to refresh and have dinner before enjoying the Sound & Light Show this evening.  Amidst the archaeological remains in the Citadel’s courtyard and to the sound of original music, the walls of the Citadel  become the stage for a nighttime show depicting Jerusalem’s history. Virtual reality images tell the stories of King David, the  Roman conquest and Muhammad, the Crusaders among other people and periods.  Overnight in a Jerusalem Hotel.    [B/D]

Day 19: April 21, 2020:  Sea of Galilee, Israel      
Traveling north in Israel and following the Jordan River, you come to the Sea of Galilee.  The Sea of Galilee is one of the most familiar bodies of water in the Bible and many of the events in the earthly life of Jesus Christ took place in the region of Galilee and areas surrounding it.  [B/L/D]

Day 20: April 22, 2020: Seabourn Ovation
This morning you take a boat cruise on the Sea of Galilee.  During the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, meditate, pray, explore and relive the life of Jesus where He used to preach the gospel.  Departing back to your waiting ship in Haifa,  with a short stop in the city of Nazareth.  Board the “Seabourn Ovation” once more and set sail later this evening. [B/L/D]

Day 21: April 23, 2020:   
Day at sea. [B/L/D]

Day 22: April 24, 2020:  Thira (Santorini), Greece ~ TENDERING
Thira is a volcanic Greek Island in the Sea of Crete. Known for its black sand beaches and sheer limestone cliffs, Santorini has always had irresistible lure.  Fira, the picturesque, pedestrian-only capital, is reached from the seaport via a short cable car ride that offers thrilling views as you ascend.   [B/L/D] 

Day 23: April 25, 2020:  Piraeus (Athens), Greece 
Your luxury cruise has come to an end.  Piraeus has been the port of Athens since 482 BC.  The busy port is filled with ferries and cruise ships making their way to the Greek Island and other ports on the Mediterranean.  Athens is a treasure trove of antiquities and is just a few miles from the port.  Even as the modern city takes hold the mosaic beauty of the Acropolis, charming cafes and markets are for all to enjoy. After departing the “Seabourn Ovation” meet a local guide that will take you on a city tour and is where you can enjoy walk up to the “Acropolis” on the hill overlooking the city and was built in the 5th BC.  Check into an airport hotel for an overnight stay. [B]

Day 24: April 26, 2020:  End of Tour
Transfer to airport for flight back to North America.  [IFM]

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