April 06 - 20, 2021
14 Days
Tour Status - Available

Enjoy this cruise to the Far East - Cruising on Regent Seven Seas "Explorer" for 14 wonderful nights.  You will visit ports of call such as Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Kochi, plus much more...

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Tour Highlights

What's Included in This Cruise:

2-FOR-1 All-Inclusive Fares, FREE Business Class Air* on All Intercontinental Flights with FREE Transfers Between Airport and Ship, FREE Unlimited Shore Excursions, FREE Unlimited Beverages Including Fine Wines and Premium Spirits, FREE Open Bars and Lounges Plus In-Suite Mini-Bar Replenished Daily, FREE Pre-Paid Gratuities, FREE Specialty Restaurants, FREE Unlimited WiFi


Day 01:  Tue - Apr 06, 2021 - Tokyo (Yokohama)*   Arrive: 5:00 PM
Yokohama is the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture and, with a population of 3.6 million, is Japan's largest city after Tokyo. It is centered on an inlet on the western side of Tokyo Bay, to which it is connected by a half-dozen railway lines as well as expressways and surface streets via Kawasaki. A major industrial zone known as the Keihin Industrial Area stretches along the reclaimed coastline to the north of the central area towards Kawasaki and Tokyo beyond.
*Airfare into Tokyo, Japan, is at an additional cost.

Day 02:  Wed - Apr 07, 2021 - Shimizu, Japan      Arrive: 8:00 AM - Depart: 4:00 PM
On a clear day, you can see magnificent Mount Fuji from the lively Port of Shimizu. Visit The S-Pulse Dream Plaza to tour the Shimizu Sushi Museum with informative displays and models that show the history and variations of Japan’s most famous fare. Stroll through the Kashi-no-Ichi Market, where some of the port's fresh seafood is sold and be sure to enjoy a delicious cup of tea.

Day 03:  Thu - Apr 08, 2021 - Osaka, Japan          Arrive: 12:00 PM
Osaka is the third largest city in Japan and the central metropolis of the Kansai region. Osaka dates back to the Asuka and Nara period. Under the name Naniwa, it was the capital of Japan from 683 to 745, long before the upstarts at Kyoto took over.

Day 04:  Fri - Apr 09, 2021 - Osaka, Japan        Depart: 8:00 PM
Even after the capital was moved elsewhere, Osaka continued to play an important role as a hub for land, sea and river-canal transportation. In a nation of obsessive gourmands Osaka is known as an excellent place to eat.

Day 05:  Sat - Apr 10, 2021 - Kochi, Japan          Arrive: 8:00 AM - Depart: 4:00 PM
Kochi boasts beautiful and abundant natural landscapes, from an expansive coastline running with the Kuroshio Current to the clear Shimanto River and the deep green forests that surround it. Located in the south of Shikoku, Kochi is ringed by rugged mountains to the north, and its arc-like southern coastline traces the outline of Tosa Bay. To the east is Cape Muroto, and to the west, Cape Ashizuri, with gently undulating sandy beaches stretching between these two extreme points. The prefecture also boasts the mystical limestone caves of Ryu-ga-do, and the beautiful sands and green pines of Katsura-hama Beach.

Day 06:  Sun - Apr 11, 2021 - Hiroshima, Japan          Arrive: 8:00 AM - Depart: 6:00 PM
Cities have destinies to fulfill too—Hiroshima is the largest city located on the Honshu Island in Japan. Its modern, industrialized demeanor has a military past since ancient times and the unforgettable atomic bombing in recent times. Tiding over its turbulent history to now being known as the “City of Peace,” Hiroshima has a lot to offer: visit The Peace Memorial Park, a world heritage site, museums resplendent with renaissance art and more.

Day 07:  Mon - Apr 12, 2021 - Cruising the East China Sea
The East China Sea is a marginal sea east of China. The East China Sea is a part of the Pacific Ocean and covers an area of roughly 1,249,000 square kilometres (482,000 sq mi).  The sea connects with the Sea of Japan (East Sea) through the Korea Strait and opens to the north into the Yellow Sea (West Sea). The countries which border the sea include South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China.  This is your first day at sea and you may want to explore more of the ship and what she has for you.

Day 08:  Tue - Apr 13, 2021 - Jeju, South Korea         Arrive: 6:00 AM - Depart: 2:00 PM
Jeju Island is often called the "Island of the Gods,” for its breathtaking landscape. UNESCO deemed the island’s dormant volcano Hallasan as a Biosphere Reserve because of the abundance and diversity of plant and animal species. Enjoy delicious fare, such as fresh fish, squid, octopus and sea cucumber, as well as its famous Shitake mushrooms and honey, which has a distinct taste.

Day 09:  Wed - Apr 14, 2021 - Seoul (Incheon), South Korea       Arrive: 9:00 AM - Depart: 9:00 PM
Inchon, located on the west coast of South Korea, is regarded as part of the greater Seoul metropolitan area due to its close proximity to the city. During the Korean War, Inchon was the site of the Battle of Inchon, when United States troops landed to relieve pressure on the Pusan Perimeter and to launch a United Nations offensive northward. The city was also the site of a Japanese POW camp during World War II.

Day 10:  Thu - Apr 15, 2021 - Cruising the East China Sea
Once again you are at sea today.  You may want to grab a coffee and sit on the deck watching sights go by; or maybe grab a snack or visit with someone else; or catch up with your family via Skype.  Whatever you do, enjoy the day at sea

Day 11:  Fri - Apr 16, 2021 - Nagasaki, Japan    Arrive: 8:00 AM - Depart: 6:00 PM
Nagasaki is the capital and largest city of Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan. It was a center of European influence in feudal Japan from first contact through the isolationist era until the opening of Japan and the modernization of Japan during the Meiji Restoration. It became a major Imperial Japanese Navy base during the First Sino-Japanese War and Russo-Japanese War. The city became the second city in the world to be bombed by a nuclear weapon, following Hiroshima.

Day 12:  Sat - Apr 17, 2021 - Kagoshima, Japan     Arrive: 8:00 AM - Depart: 7:00 PM
Kagoshima is Japan’s southernmost major city, and is nicknamed the “Naples of the Eastern World,” based on its caldera bay location, hot climate, and volcano. The majestic view of Mt Sakurajima, one of the world's most active volcanoes, dominates the city's landscape, towering over the beautiful Kinko Bay. The city abounds in historic sightseeing spots such as the memorial site of St. Francisco Xavier, who landed in Kagoshima and first introduced Christianity to Japan.

Day 13:  Sun - Apr 18, 2021 -  Miyazaki, Japan    Arrive: 8:00 AM - Depart: 5:00 PM
Miyazaki offers a wealth of cultural, geological and culinary discoveries. It’s tropical climate and picturesque landscape sets the tone for an unforgettable visit. Take in the coastal vistas in Hyuga and unwind on the serene island setting of Aoshima. Explore awe-inspiring caves and shrines at Udo-jingu, be sure to take the lush forest paths to the smaller, less-frequented shrines. Tour lively 'Little Kyoto' at Obi Castle Town, and most importantly, your time in Miyazaki will not be complete without sampling its famous jitokko grilled chicken or chicken nanban dishes.

Day 14:  Mon - Apr 19, 2021 -  Cruising the Pacific Ocean
Your last day at sea to enjoy the "Explorer".  What will you do today?  Check your email?  Pack?  Get in touch with family?  Have a snack and drink?  Covering more than 30 percent of the Earth's surface, the Pacific Ocean is the largest water mass on the planet

Day 15:  Tue - Apr 20, 2021 -  Tokyo (Yokohama)*      Arrive 8:00 AM
Arrive Tokyo, and your wonderful Asia cruise has come to an end.  Transfer to the airport.
*Airfare from Tokyo, Japan, is at an additional cost.

Per Person, Double - $19,249.00, Cruise only
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Initial Deposit per person - $2,500.00
Final Payment per person - January 06, 2020